New Texts Added in 2019

The Digital Syriac Corpus was launched in May of 2018 with several hundred texts already available. Since then, even more texts have been added, so I thought it would be useful to provide a list format of everything that was added in 2019.

These are arranged in the order in which they were added:

  • Nestorius, Book of Heraclides
  • Isaac of Nineveh, Ascetical Discourses (Part 1)
  • Moshe bar Kepha, On the Soul
  • The Doctrine of Addai
  • Eusebius, Ecclesiastical History
  • The Chronicle of Ps.-Joshua the Stylite
  • History of Karka d-beth Slok
  • Life of Jacob of Serugh
  • Letter of Mara bar Serapion
  • Martyrdom of Miles and his Companions
  • Joseph Hazzaya, On Prayer
  • Anton of Tagrit, On Divine Providence
  • Balai, On the Dedication of the Church at Qenneshrin; On Bishop Acacius
  • The Cause of All Causes
  • Simeon of Beth Arsham, Letter concerning Barsawma
  • Thomas of Edessa, On the Birth of the Lord Jesus Christ
  • Letter exchange between Barlaha and Simeon, abbot of Mart Maryam
  • Chronicle of Zuqnin
  • John Rufus, Life of Peter the Iberian; Plerophoriae
  • Testament of Adam
  • Disputation between the Apostle Peter and Nero
  • Ambrose (Ps.-Justin Martyr), Hypomnemata: Against the Greeks
  • Ephrem the Syrian, Madrashe on Nisibis
  • Julian Romance
  • Ephrem the Syrian, Prose Refutations of Mani, Bardaisan, and Marcion
  • Gregory bar Hebraeus, Metrical Grammar
  • Gregory bar Hebraeus, Treatise of Treatises
  • Patriarch Timothy II, On the Ecclesiastical Mysteries
  • Eusebius, Theophania
  • Ephrem the Syrian, Madrashe on the Nativity

Stay tuned for many more texts to come in 2020!